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MyNewBoat, an exclusive program of SaferBoater gives customers the opportunity to 'redeem' a Gift Voucher to take a 4-hour boating lesson with the purchase of a new boat.

New boat owners will get quality training from trusted professionals.


Why Should You Take a Boat Lesson?

Recreational boating is becoming more challenging for boat owners. The insurance companies are not approving new owners as easily as they used to, and first-time boat owners are often unable to get insurance.  Having documentation that you've done training may help in obtaining the necessary insurance.

With the Gift Voucher program, you now have the opportunity to take a 4-hour course to learn how to safely operate your new boat on the water. The value of the voucher will offset the entire cost of the course so you don't pay anything.

Trusted resources

Two strong credentialing sources are US Powerboating / US Sailing and NSBC, both approved by NASBLA. A new boat owner needs a trusted source for training.

We have gathered only certified instructors, and they will make their schedules available to customers to book boating safety classes. Through the MyNewBoat Gift Voucher program, you'll be able to conveniently schedule the boat training class.

Simple System

We verify the captain's credentials and certifications, ensuring they are current on licensing and instructor certifications.

Standardized Delivery

The course is focused on safety, equipment, float plans, required equipment, nice-to-have equipment, throttle control, close-quarter maneuvering, and more.

How to redeem your Gift Voucher:

  1. Log into Portal using email address
  2. Schedule a date and time to take the course
  3. Click 'Redeem Gift Voucher' - you will receive an email that the course has been scheduled.
Customer Redeem Gift Voucher

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