Voucher Program for Boater Training

Boat Manufacturers & Dealers

MyNewBoat offers an exclusive program designed by SaferBoater to empower you as the manufacturer or dealer to provide new boat owners with redeemable vouchers to take on-water Skill & Safety Training classes.

By joining this program, you'll have the option to:

All classes are taught on-the-water by professional Certified SaferBoater Captains.

(This program does not replace in-house demonstrations!)


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Voucher Programs

Option A.

Gift Voucher Program

Boats under 25'

As a dealer or manufacturer, you can purchase single or bulk vouchers and give them to any customer that buys a boat.  These gift vouchers entitle your new customer to our 4-hour Boat Skill & Safety Training Course on their new boat with a Certified SaferBoater Instructor.

Boat Skill & Safety Training Course

  • Great marketing tool for Holiday & Dealer Sales Incentives
  • Significant Savings for bulk voucher purchases
  • Voucher Costs can be split amongst manufacturers, dealers & customers
  • Exclusive Website Access for Voucher Management
  • Simple Scheduling System allows dealer or customer to schedule training times
  • Up to 4 People can attend the training session
  • Customers can book follow up training directly with their Certified SaferBoater Captain

Option B.

Customer Purchase Program

Your dealership has an opportunity to provide sales incentives to your team through our Customer Purchase Program.  Customers can choose from our three programs below at the time they purchase their new boat, and each program comes with Exclusive Financing Options designed just for MyNewBoat customers.

All training takes place on the water, with tests being administered by our Certified SaferBoater Captains for the courses that provide a certification.

Boats under 25'

1) C.P.P. Boater Training Voucher

  • Includes 2 Training Classes
    • Boat Skill & Safety Introduction
    • Docking & Boat Handling
  • Up to four people can attend each training class
  • Sales Incentives to the Dealer & Sales Associates
  • Customers Save 45% off Retail Training Price
  • Customers can book additional training directly with their Certified SaferBoater Captain

2) C.P.P. Certification Training Voucher

  • Provides Customer with Boater Certification
  • Includes 4 Training Classes
  • Up to four people can attend each training class
  • Satisfies all National & State Boater Ed. Requirements
    • Meets NASBLA Standards
    • Certified through NSBC or US Powerboating
  • Sales Incentives to the Dealer & Sales Associate
  • Qualifies Customer to purchase Boat Insurance
  • Customers Save 45% off Retail Training Price
  • Learn About Our Certification Process


3) MotorYacht IPC Certification Voucher

  • Up to four people can attend training class
  • IPC class lasts 44 hours
  • Customer Earns IPC (International Proficiency Certificate )
    • Considered the Gold Standard for Certifications
    • Provided through US Powerboating Certification
    • Required by 38 countries in the European Union
    • Qualifies Customer to purchase Boat Insurance
  • Sales Incentives to the Dealer & Sales Associates
  • Learn about our IPC Certification Process

Ready to get started?

Program Benefits

Dealers & Manufacturers now have a convenient way to give their customers the opportunity to learn about boat safety and develop the skills and confidence required to safely operate their new boat on the water.

Why offer boat training to your customers?

  • Recreational boating has becoming more challenging for boat owners.  The waterways are jam-packed.
  • Many insurance companies won't approve first-time boat owners, or those that trade up too quickly
  • State and Federal Laws are changing and often inconsistent, although boating regulators are beginning to collaborate.
  • Dealers are facing new legal liabilities, and precedents are impacting the industry.  A boat dealer recently lost a multi-million dollar case, where he was sued for not properly training a new boat owner.

With these challenges in mind, SaferBoater began as a collaborative effort of expert instructors and boating enthusiasts to share their love of the water and expertise with new boat owners, believing confident, knowledgeable boat owners make safer waterways for all.

From these efforts, the MyNewBoat program was born, and now dealers can offer The Gift Voucher Program which will offset the entire cost of the course for the customer, or the Customer Purchase Program which allows customers to become certified or take more in-depth training.

  • By providing skill and safety training, you will create confident, loyal and repeat customers
  • Your dealership becomes known as a source of solid training for current and future customers
  • Enroll your dealership captains in our instructor certification program or have one of our certified SaferBoater captains assigned to your dealership.

Certified SaferBoater Captains

New boat owners need to develop skills, confidence and safety awareness to fully enjoy their new purchase, and they need a trusted source for training instruction.

Our Elite Certified SaferBoater Captains all maintain active US Coast Guard Master Licenses and are certified by at least one of the credentialing agencies approved by NASBLA :  US Powerboating , US Sailing or NSBC.


Standardized Delivery

Each of our courses are standardized, which means that no matter which state or captain your client receives their training from, they will always receive the exact same elite instruction required by a Certified SaferBoater Captain.

How the Voucher Program Works

  1. Manufacturers and Dealers will have access to the MyNewBoat Portal
  2. Gift and Customer Purchase Vouchers can be managed and purchased in one location
  3. Vouchers can be assigned to new buyers during the boat purchasing process
  4. Customers will receive an email notification with their Voucher details, and can schedule training at their leisure
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Voucher Program

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